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SAML Identity Provider

How miniOrange serves as the SAML IDP for your applications?

In this document, we will introduce you to the term SAML, how SAML works,where and why it can be used, the importance of SAML Identity Provider for your apps, how you can set up SAML Identity Provider with miniOrange, few interesting features of SAML & how it can be useful for your business.

When the SAML authentication protocol is set up, a trust relationship between SP and IDP is built. firstly the user should start by authenticating & authorizing itself to IDP. Once the authentication and authorization are successful then IDP will generate SAML Assertion. The SP always trusts the SAML assertion sent by IDP so the user is allowed access to the application.

App users will be redirected to miniOrange to sign in, and miniOrange will authenticate those users using directories (such as AD, LDAP, any database, or SAML IDPs) or Social login. After the user is authenticated, miniOrange will return a SAML assertion to the application indicating that the user has been authenticated successfully.

Enabling SAML SSO for any Application

How to setup miniOrange as SAML IDP?

SAML is a very powerful open standard which allows a connection between IDP and SP but setting up SAML idp can be very complex but with miniOrange, the setup can be completed quickly and easily.

Here we will show you how to set up miniOrange as a SAML Identity Provider depending on the type of application.
Firstly create an account with miniOrange: Sign up for free & enjoy 30-day trial for cloud and on-premise to access the admin account.

With miniOrange, it is extremely easy to implement SAML SSO-based authentication by setting up miniOrange as the identity provider for 3rd party popular applications like Office 365, AWS, Google Workspace, Oracle, Zoho, Dropbox, Zoom, Moodle, and 5000+ more applications. If you have a custom app, find the apps section on dashboard-toggle on the “SAML/WS-FED” box. Click on the “Create app” tab, and then navigate to “Custom app”, choose your type of application.

Follow the documentation instructions below as an example:
Setup miniOrange as Identity Provider.

Once the miniOrange SAML Identity Provider is set up then you can authenticate the users to your 3rd party application. You can also make miniOrange SAML IDP as default. Any user trying to SSO into the configured applications will have to authenticate their credentials against the default Identity Provider.


You can watch this detailed video to understand the flow of authenicating users to desired app using SAML based authentication using miniOrange IDP
Since the user is already authenticated to IDP now it can Single Sign-On (SSO) into other applications as well which also means that you can use one set of credentials to log in to many different websites & applications. It’s a lot easier to manage one login per user than it is to manage separate logins to popular apps, Gmail, CRM software, User Directories, etc.

Why use SAML Authentication for your Business?

  • Better Security & Reduce Password Loss:
  • SAML SSO will eliminate password issues such as reset and recovery, which will reduce the time to recover old passwords. SAML Authentication ensures Credentials to IDP and hence reducing the risk of identity theft. This also means that the applications will not store your credentials or identities which ensures that there is almost no chance of your identities being compromised.

  • Reduced costs for the service provider
  • With SAML Authentication you don't have to maintain an account for multiple services. The identity provider will burden this. In particular, for large organizations, less time is devoted to accounts management, password communication, and group assignment, and hence focusing on the better things, let SAML SSO worry about the authentication processes.

  • User experience:
  • Without any authentication, a user can access multiple service providers by signing in just once which allows a faster and better experience at each service provider allowing the businesses to conduct faster and more efficiently. Apart from this SAML Authentication will also provide users to avoid the hustle of remembering multiple passwords even if a user is ever locked out.

  • Standardization:
  • SAML Authentication is a standard format that allows interoperating with any system independent of implementation. It takes away the common issues associated with vendor and platform-specific approaches.

  • Centralize User Access Control:
  • With SAML SSO, users can be created, and updated while logging in according to the credentials or data provided by the SAML Identity Provider. A unique user ID register with a centralized management interface provides quick and easy provisioning and deactivation of user accounts. It is, therefore, possible to centrally manage users without connecting JIRA or Confluence to an LDAP directory.

What can we do for you?

We at miniOrange provide a variety of features for your SAML IDP which include -

  • Single Sign on - Easy and seamless access to all resources. Single Sign On (SSO) into any SAML2.0, WS-FED or JWT Application using one set of credentials.
  • Multiple SP’s supported -Configuration of multiple SP's to allow users to SSO into multiple Applications.
  • Multi Factor Authentication - Securing your identity with multiple layers of security.
  • Identity Brokerking - Can act as a broker for external IDP’s.
  • Adaptive Authentication - Adaptive Authentication uses restriction based on location, time of access and user behavior to prevent improper data access and secure your company's data.

We at miniorange would love to be a part of your journey and help fulfill your organisation’s IAM requirements making your data and resources more secure, hence for any further questions, queries, Please contact us at miniOrange, we’d love to hear from you.

Pricing Details

  • miniOrange can serve as an identity and/or service provider for SAML federation.
  • SOC/FEDRAMP/GDPR compliant, which assures you that we comply with all best practices of identity management.
  • Deploy to any location: miniOrange’s standard cloud or private cloud, your cloud or on-premises environment.
B2B Pricing

miniOrange B2B is an identity and access management solution for your employees, vendors and contractors and can be used by businesses of all sizes.

B2C Pricing

miniOrange B2C is a highly-available global service which provides identity and access management solution for your customer-facing web and mobile applications, and can scale to hundreds of millions of consumer identities.


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