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Enable Rate Limiting using Reverse Proxy

The rate limiting capability is primarily employed to protect the server against DoS, DDoS, and Slowloris attacks. It sets a restriction on how many queries a certain IP address may send in a given length of time. All requests are received by the reverse proxy server, which sits directly in front of the user's server(s). When enabled, it prevents any IP address from making more requests than the limit.

Follow the Step-by-Step Guide given below to enable Enable Rate Limiting with Reverse Proxy

1. Creating a new proxy server

  • Click here and log in with your miniOrange account. Click here to register, if you don't have an account.
  • Rate Limiting Reverse Proxy - Login

  • Click on the Proxy Settings tab on the sidebar that will direct you to the Proxy settings page. The Proxy Settings page has a Add new proxy button, clicking which, the user gets directed to a webpage where he gets to configure a new proxy link along with the features he wishes to enable.
  • Rate Limiting Reverse Proxy - Add new proxy

  • On the Set Proxy tab, the user enters the proxy link that he wishes to have for his server. Also, the user enters the server address of his server that will be pointed by the proxy link he entered.
  • Rate Limiting Reverse Proxy - Set proxy

2. Setup Rate Limiting using miniOrange Reverse Proxy

  • On the same page, the user switches to the Rate Limiting feature’s tab. On that tab, the user is prompted to enter the maximum number of requests which can be received from a particular IP address within the time limit entered. If the proxy server receives too many requests from a single IP address in a given time, the rate-limiting approach will reject those requests for a while. The user saves the configurations.
  • Rate Limiting Reverse Proxy - Rate limiting

  • If the user wants to edit the rate limiting settings, he’ll just have to visit the Rate Limiting Settings on the sidebar. The user has to click on the Edit button corresponding to the proxy URL for which he needs to edit the load balancing settings. After clicking, the user is directed to a page where he can add the maximum number of requests and the time limit.
  • Rate Limiting Reverse Proxy - Edit

    Rate Limiting Reverse Proxy-Save Configuration

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