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Version 3.3.0

New Features/Integrations:

  • Salesforce API Integration: sync users from miniOrange to salesforce.
  • Auto create user for miniOrange as sp, authentication from SAML/OAuth identity source in miniOrange with attribute mapping.
  • OAuth Password Grant Support added for external OAuth Server.

Improvements/Bug Fixes:

  • Download miniOrange as service provider metadata and added endpoints in view metadata.
  • Add an option for configurable token expiry for the JWT token.
  • Add links of documents and download option for LDAP gateway module in AD as a user store.
  • Ability to edit IP address in radius application.
  • XSS fixes on different login pages.
  • Signature validation fix for new customers when trying to login into the mO self-service portal.
  • Security Questions as 2FA method fix in inline registration in broker flow.
  • Fix for admin session when miniOrange is a service provider.
  • Not able to see custom attributes on add user form after Bulk Upload.
  • Shorten password reset link on phone via TinyURL.
  • Saml response encoding fix for special characters like Arabic.
  • Fixes in saving a few default two-factor methods from the admin dashboard.
  • Simplified embedded database connection form.