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Version 3.0.0

New Features/Integrations:

  • Add support for External databases like PostgreSQL, MYSQL, etc for production deployments.
  • Added support for login with a phone number.
  • Added support for CAS Server as Identity Source.
  • Add support for multilingual for login page, forgot password page all text, error messages on login pages, and end-user pages.
  • Added configurable options for new user registration to verify user, and provision user to third party app.
  • Added date picker as a field type for user profile custom attributes and configurable option to hide/show user custom attributes on the registration page.
  • OAuth Mobile APIs for user authentication, registration, reset password, update user profile, get refresh token, and revoke access token.
  • Added option to limit the number of 2fa methods allowed to configure by end users.
  • Added option to allow admin to reset/change any 2fa method for end users.
  • User should be redirected back to the service provider app after the user self-registration and logged-in to that app.
  • Added option to add custom CSS file for login/signup/forgot password pages.
  • Added support for authentication with google identities stored in miniOrange IDP in addition to an AD when a radius request is received.
  • Added option to change log level from customer admin console for on-premise.
  • Added option to log IP address in authentication audit.
  • Customer can update their own username, email, and phone using OTP verification.
  • Added Single Logout in broker flow for SAML and JWT apps.
  • Added Signed Request in Broker flow for SAML IDP.
  • Add support for attribute mapping in identity broker flow for external IDPs/user stores.
  • FileMaker Browser SSO APP.
  • Yahoo Social login Default APP.
  • Log into miniOrange using multiple Identity Sources and redirect to any form-based app.
  • Support for multiple languages in custom Attributes.
  • Migration from GCM to FCM.
  • Update the plugin payment framework on the server side to support different prices for each plugin plan.
  • Added Language Support for Email Templates.
  • Plan Name Specific Instance-Based Pricing.
  • Cloud/On-Premise IDP automated Payment Plans.
  • Added miniOrange as SP metadata and instructions to setup.

Improvements/Bug Fixes:

  • Fixes in auto create a user on the fly from AD in different flows and support for mapping immutable ID for office 365 SSO.
  • Fixes to handle SP-initiated, and IDP-initiated SSO in broker from the same endpoint.
  • Fixes in Google Apps users import and password sync.
  • Improvements in SAML app metadata view – added more description, different sections for IDP URLs and broker URLs, Multiple IDPs selection URLs, etc.
  • JWT Request Validation Improvement and error handling.
  • Add user plan WordPress Two Factor Authentication.
  • User Sync/Provision during User Update.
  • Switch between Response Signed and Assertion Signed.
  • Fixes in CAS as identity server.