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Version 3.4.15

New Features/Integrations:

  • Added Test Configuration/Connection option for External OAuth Providers.
  • Improvements in Roles and Capabilities with a brand new intuitive interface and more granular capabilities for various sections in the dashboard.
  • Bulk Upload and Bulk Operation improvements through the product.
  • Added an option to select a specific user store for RADIUS/VPN apps.
  • UI improvements for VPN/Radius app setup page with easy-to-access setup guides and tabular layout.
  • Added an option to Resend OTP in Broker-MFA flow when the 2FA method is SMS or EMAIL.
  • Added support for user Provisioning with BambooHR.
  • Added Support for Hardware token as an MFA method for VPNs and network devices which do not support challenge.
  • Added domain mapping feature for JWT Apps.
  • Added an option to Reset Password using the active 2FA method.
  • Added an option to send an email notification to users on Password Reset via Forgot Password Link.
  • Added an API to configure hardware token as a 2FA method.
  • Added support for configuring SAML and OAuth external providers via remote Rest APIs.
  • Support SSO into Super Admin Applications using Customer Admin’s Identity Sources.

Improvements/Bug Fixes:

  • Fixes for miniOrange SMS/Email Gateway.
  • Fixes for the Signup page related to branding.
  • Fixes for Manage Cards Page in the Super-Admin Dashboard.
  • Fixed minor issues related to End User Delete API.