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Version 3.3.2

New Features/Integrations:

  • Added support for Force Authentication with miniOrange SAML IDP.
  • Option to modify forgot password and create account URLs on the login page.
  • Add a Resend OTP option on all the OTP verification flows.
  • Add support to add any browser SSO app by customer admin.
  • Add password field in user bulk upload CSV option.

Improvements/Bug Fixes:

  • Simplify Initial IdP setup with Embedded database.
  • Import users based on the Search filter in IdP.
  • Add Refresh push Token feature to check the pending push in android as well as iOS mobile applications.
  • Adaptive authentication disable option UI fix.
  • Sort the user list by a column in ascending or descending order. Added search user by custom profile attributes.
  • Not able to login when API User Store is set as default.
  • Fix case-sensitive issue for Groups > Assign Users page.
  • In Bulk Upload, the users don’t get assigned to the respective groups if the last entry is empty.
  • Send External IdP Attributes as NameID attributes.
  • SameSite Cookie Fix.
  • Query Optimizations while fetching groups and user group members via API.
  • Changes in Social Login for IdP for SSO to work with other apps.
  • Added shared identity login feature.