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Version 3.7.0

New Features/Integrations:

  • A personalized setup wizard to help with the onboarding process and get started in minutes.
  • A dashboard to view specific admin operation audits is now available. You can now track the following operations/activities for any user with an Admin role:
    • All end user operations (Create, Update and Delete).
    • All user group operations (Create, Update and Delete).
    • All application operations (Create, Update and Delete).
    • All application policy operations (Create, Update and Delete).
  • Added a Progressive Profiling feature where administrators can design forms and collect information from consumers in step-by-step manner.
  • Added support for JIT (just in time) user creation in External OAuth Provider Flow.
  • Added support for Authorization code grant flow with the Proof Key of Code Exchange (PKCE) is added for External OAuth Provider Flow.
  • Added support for Password Grant flow for External OAuth provider Flow.
  • Added discovery page for JWT apps where users can selected one of the configured IDPs.
  • Added an option in adaptive policies which administrators can use to restrict SSO on mobile devices.
  • Administrators now have option to remove the Password and Confirm Password field from the inline registration form when the user logs in from the External IDP.
  • Added an option which allows end users to configure TOTP authenticators for 2FA via email during user onboarding.
  • Added an option to create customizable email templates and bulk send custom emails to users.
  • Added support for Password Sync from miniOrange to the Oracle EBS database.
  • Added support for Just-In-Time User Creation in miniOrange when authenticating against Oracle EBS.
  • Added Support for sending Custom Attributes of User or Groups in RADIUS Response.

Improvements/Bug Fixes:

  • If a locked user tries to login, they'll now see time remaining till their account gets unlocked in the error message.
  • Fixed issue with few cookies not having secure=true parameter.
  • Added Internationalization support to User Registration pages when authenticating against Database as a user store.
  • Fixed the issue where "Change Password in First Login" option was not working for Identity Broker SSO flow.
  • Fixed Single Logout redirection for the Oracle EBS application, when used in combination with other application types.
  • Added an API for administrators to change password for a user.