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Version 3.3.7

New Features/Integrations:

  • Added SCIM 2.0 protocol support which can be used for seamless cloud applications provisioning.
  • Windows/Linux Installer for On-premise IDP.
  • Tested compatibility support for the latest version of PostgresSQL 14.2.
  • Search JWT and OAuth integrated applications in the app list by client ID.
  • Added an API endpoint to enable an end-user.
  • SLO support is added for JWT Applications.
  • Added support for multiple redirect URLs in JWT applications.
  • GUID support for OAuth, JWT applications, and User APIs.
  • Added API endpoint for adding new user groups and deleting user groups.
  • Added support for nonce & PKCE request parameters in OAuth domain-mapping flow.
  • Kerberos/SPNEGO support added for Integrated Windows Authentication.
  • Added Domain Mapping Option in add OAUTH IDP.
  • Oracle E-Business Suite SSO native support added.
  • Support for multiple and country-specific HTTP SMS Gateways is added.
  • Support for Multiple Magento User Stores as Authentication Source is added.
  • Added a feature for Administrators to view all active sessions of all end-users and an option to invalidate those sessions.
  • Added domain mapping to the authorized endpoint for OAuth2/OpenID Connect apps for choosing Identity Providers based on their configured domains.
  • Mandatory option added for users to validate their phone number or email address while configuring 2FA in the Inline User Registration flow.
  • SMS Body for SMS with Link can be customized now.
  • Added Username, Location, and IP address in Push Notifications.
  • Added NameID format option in the SAML Identity Source.
  • Introduced Selectable MFA Methods which are SMS & Phone Callback, Authenticator Apps, Email, Hardware Token, and Security Questions for various login flows.
  • RADIUS group attribute is now configurable based on each RADIUS app.
  • Added a new authorized endpoint for OAuth2/OpenID Connect applications for dynamic Identity Provider discovery.
  • Added support for 2FA (OTP over SMS, EMAIL, SMS, and EMAIL) methods for VPNs where ACCESS_CHALLENGE is not supported.
  • IP Restriction can be enabled for VPNs.
  • Improved UI and UX for 2FA configuration.
  • Added back – Enable End Users to add applications.
  • Show Enforce 2FA For Additional Admins to only the main Customer Admin.
  • Filter URLs in SMS template.

Improvements/Bug Fixes:

  • The Desktop application name can be changed now.
  • Users get an error message in Radius Response if their password in Active Directory is expired.
  • The Force Authentication feature of the SAML app now works for Third-Party Identity Providers.
  • Made the Custom Application name field editable.
  • Minor bug fixes for BigCommerce provisioning attribute mapping.
  • Fixed claim issue with Apple Login.
  • Fixed the security methods reconfiguration.
  • XSS Vulnerability has been fixed by updating Struts to version 2.5.26.
  • Fixed designing groups for users.
  • NameID fixes in SAML Broker flow.
  • Fix for RBA APIs.
  • UI/UX Fixes in the IDP customer portal, 2fa configuration pages, etc.
  • Send Correct Issuer in the SAML Logout Request to SAML IDP and SAML App.
  • Self-service console not showing up in the app list to create a new policy.
  • Fixes in SAML Logout Request (Broker Flow – JWT).