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Version 3.3.8

New Features/Integrations:

  • Added support for reCAPTCHA V2 in On-Premise Identity Provider.
  • Improved error messages for Adaptive Authentication: The system would now show better error messages during certain error conditions.
  • Added a feature to allow admins to set their own custom messages for Adaptive Authentication flow.
  • Allowing admins to select their configured MFA method during login for authentication.
  • Added option for admins to modify the “Go back to login page“ link after users have successfully changed their passwords.
  • Added support for address attribute during BigCommerce Provisioning.
  • Added User Provisioning Audit reports for all administrators.
  • Updated the Radius apps section to show app / VPN specific documentation links.
  • Added support for multiple search bases in the LDAP External Directories.
  • Added pagination support for LDAP External Directories.
  • Simplified LDAP External Directories’ configuration by providing preset LDAP Filter.
  • For new applications in IdP-initiated SSO flow, IdP applications won’t default to “/” as the default relay state.
  • Improved the UI and UX for SCIM attribute mapping.
  • Added the option to allow end-users to delete applications added by them.
  • Improved report names for better visibility and clarity.
  • Added PDF export option for Radius IdP reports.
  • New Modern Responsive Menus & Headers for easier navigation.
  • Improved the UI of the overall Product.

Improvements/Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Idp-initiated redirection issues while using Microsoft Linked Applications.
  • Fixed issues that occurred while testing Email Templates.
  • Fixed attribute mapping for JWT Applications.
  • Resolved an issue for users who didn’t have phone number configured and had the MFA method set to ‘SMS and EMAIL’.
  • Fixed problems with Google Graphs not appearing in IDP reports.
  • Support for dynamic tenant URLs for Microsoft 365 Admin Verification.
  • Fixed issues with state parameter mismatch while using LinkedIn as OAuth Provider.
  • Reporting improvements in Auditing Broker Flows for OAuth app type.