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Version 3.3.38

New Features/Integrations:

  • Added the ability to disable the custom user profile attribute feature for end-users.
  • Added the feature to send group attributes in radius applications.
  • Improved the IDP Session Timeout feature. Added a configurable option under product settings for admins.
  • Added support for Importing LDAP / AD Groups and Memberships.
  • Added the ability to configure multiple External OAuth providers.
  • Added Location Restriction feature.
  • Added new User Capabilities:
    • Allow/Disallow end users to Change their Email Addresses.
    • Allow/Disallow end users to have access to edit profile and Change Password sections.
  • Added support for IMIS Applications as Identity Provider.
  • Added support for Microsoft authenticator as an MFA Method.
  • Added configurable option to ‘Force 2FA on each login attempt’ during SSO or login.

Improvements/Bug Fixes:

  • Usability improvements for LDAP Gateway.
  • Better error messages during LDAP Test Connection.
  • Fixes around failed password attempts. Now the attempts remaining persist across sessions and browsers.
  • Fixes around SAML SSO when branding is not set.
  • UI improvements for custom attributes page.
  • SMTP Improvements:
    • Added an option to choose encryption type.
    • Better error messages during testing.
  • Fixes in API/external JWT apps for policy name.
  • Usability improvements for DB TestConnection.
  • Fixed password reset link for the branded account during SSO with external IDP/database.
  • Enable/disable miniOrange Admin Login from specified LDAP User Stores.
  • Fixes for end user login from self-service console with LDAP gateway.(Cloud only)
  • Improvements around http post calls.
  • XXE Injection fixes during SAML SSO.
  • Authenticated Reflected XSS Via URL Parameter – RelayState.
  • Improvements for override relay state functionality. Now RelayState will only be. overridden when this option is enabled which wasn’t the case earlier.
  • Support for TLS 1.2 during SMTP connection.