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Version 2.0.0

New Features/Integrations:

  • CAS Server as Identity Source.
  • Discovery flow and domain mapping fixes.
  • Adding 2 user pricing for 2FA plugin.
  • Add allowed limit on Registration API from one IP.
  • Added Feedback Form in our product.
  • Adding Signed Request in Broker flow for SAML IDP.
  • JWT Request Validation Improvement.
  • Email Templates fixes for Forgot/Change Password.
  • JWT Error Handling.
  • Fetching Recursive groups from LDAP.
  • Adding API as an authentication source in the Borker flow.
  • Configurable audience URL for SAML app config, configurable name-id format app config.
  • Add support for multilingual for login page, forgot password page all text, error messages on login pages, end user pages.
  • Customer can update his own username, email, phone using otp verification.
  • Mobile App (Changing App framework from GCM to FCM and making it compatible with On-Premise IdP).
  • Adding Single Logout in broker flow for SAML and JWT apps.
  • Encrypting the Properties file.
  • Payment Plans for LDAP Add-ons:
    • BuddyPress Integration Add-on.
    • Directory Sync Add-On.

Improvements/Bug Fixes:

  • Compatibility fix for running on-premise on Ubuntu servers.
  • Added fix to support miniOrange as an identity source with other idps.