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Version 3.4.2

New Features/Integrations:

  • Added support for JWT protocol under External Identity Sources.
  • Initial Release of Admin Operation Auditing. The following operations are audited as of now:
    • Enduser create, update and delete using the admin dashboard and admin APIs.
    • Product settings update.
  • Added support for multiple signing certificates for SAML external Identity Providers.
  • Simplified App setup for popular SAML apps.
  • Usability improvements around custom User Profile Attribute Mapping.
  • Improvements around Time – Based restriction for Adaptive Authentication Policy.
  • Security improvements around XML parsing for SAML and WS FED based SSO.
  • Improved WS-Fed protocol to seamlessly support Dynamics 365 and Exchange Server.

Improvements/Bug Fixes:

  • Improvements around AD/LDAP provisioning. Now AD account state is synced (enabled/disabled) in miniOrange.
  • Added support for multiple Office 365 apps.
  • Fixed SAML POST Logout Response signature issues.
  • Usability improvements for Windows MFA. All configurations can now be done via cloud.