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Group Membership Custom Fields

User Specific Group Custom Attributes Mapping

The Group Membership Field proves to be a valuable tool in assigning specific attributes to individual members within a group. For instance, by utilizing a membership field such as "Role" with values like "Admin" or "User," distinct roles can be effortlessly assigned to all or selected members within the group. This functionality allows for streamlined and organized management of group members, ensuring that each member is designated with a defined role, contributing to a more structured and purposeful group dynamic.

How to add custom attributes to Users in Groups:

  • Navigate to Groups >> Group Membership Custom Fields.
  • miniOrange Identity Platform Admin Handbook: Group Membership Custom Fields Mapping

  • Add a Label/Name for the custom field.
  • Select the Field Type from the text box, Dropdown, Checkbox based on requirement.
  • Enter the Field Options that should be in the dropdown/checkbox for the specific field. Separate multiple fields with a comma (;).