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User Roles

  • The admin can enable or disable the end user Roles from this section. This controls what all options/sections/configuration the end user will have access to when they login to the dashboard.
  • To manage the User Roles, go to Users > User Roles from the side menu.
  • On the User Roles page, you will be able to view and manage all the Roles. You can enable/disable a role based on your preferences.
  • miniOrange Identity Platform Admin Handbook: Enduser Roles

  • Click on Save to update the user Roles.
  • The changes will be applied to all the users logging in to end user dashboard after the updates.

How can admins unlock locked accounts?

  • Go to Users > View Locked Users from the left menu to see the list of users.
  • Find the user you wish to unblock and under Actions Column click on Enable
  • You will be prompted for confirmation. Just hit yes and the user will be unblocked.
  • miniOrange Identity Platform Admin Handbook: Locked user list

A user account is locked when the user fails maximum login attempts set by the administrator. Once the account is locked, the user is not allowed to login until the account is unlocked by the administrator.

The administrator can set max login attempts from here.

How to set up a Password Policy?

  • Log into the miniOrange dashboard using your miniOrange credentials.
  • Go to Policies > Password Policy
  • You can configure the following options in the password policy
    1. Minimum Length: The minimum length of the password.
    2. Maximum Length: The maximum length of the password.
    3. Password Complexity:
      1. Require Lowercase letter : Should the password contain at least one lowercase letter.
      2. Require Uppercase letter : Should the password contain at least one uppercase letter.
      3. Require Number: Should the password contain least one number
      4. miniOrange Identity Platform Admin Handbook: Password Policy

      5. Require Symbol : Should the password contains at least special characters such as @,!,~
    4. The password Policy is applied as soon as it is saved with updates and any user setting a new password/resetting password will have to follow the password policy.