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User Login Report

  • This report shows the detailed breakdown of all the authentication performed by the end users. It shows the total number of authentications performed by the end user along with details of authentications performed with each type of authentication methods such as password, OTP Over SMS, OTP Over Email, etc.
  • You can provide a user's email address to get authentication details for only that user or you can keep this field blank to get details for all users.
  • You can also provide a start and end date to get details for that time frame only.
  • Go to Reports >> User Login Report.
  • Enter the End User Email, from and to dates and then click on the Search button. To get reports for all users do not enter any End User Email and leave it blank.
  • miniOrange Identity Platform Admin Handbook: User login report

  • In the report result, you will be able to find the total authentication count for the end users along with the breakdown based on the authentication method.
  • You can click on the ‘Customize Column’ button to view additional attributes from the report result.
  • You can also export the report in PDF or CSV format by clicking on the respective buttons present at the top-right of the reports section.
  • miniOrange Identity Platform Admin Handbook: single sign on usage

  • You can click on the Bar Chart icon next to the user's email address in the report result to check a detailed graphical representation of all authentications.
  • miniOrange Identity Platform Admin Handbook: Total Authentication