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Active Usage Report

  • This report shows the breakdown of the authentication or SSO actions performed by each user along with their date and status. Use this report to get a high level overview of the actions performed by the user.
  • This report gives you a quick overview of the authentication or SSO operations performed by each or all end users for the selected time period.
  • Go to Reports >> Active Usage Report
  • Enter the User Identifier like email or username, from and to dates and then click on the Search button. To get reports for all users do not enter any User Identifier and leave it blank.
  • miniOrange Identity Platform Admin Handbook: Active users

  • You can also click on the Get Count button to get the user count for current search criteria instead of the report.
  • In the Report Result section, you will be able to see the users details along with the applications and the status of the authentication.
  • miniOrange Identity Platform Admin Handbook: User login report

  • Along with the user authentication details, the following details are shown :
    1.  Total number of transactions performed by all of the users and also the
    2. Total usage Count which is the total number of active users. This number represents the consumed user licenses from your account license.