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Configure Email Gateway

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is an internet standard communication protocol used for sending and receiving electronic mails (E-Mail). It can be described as a set of communication guidelines that allow computer softwares to transmit an electronic mail over the internet.

By default, miniOrange provides and uses it's own SMTP Gateway to send electronic mails to users. If you have a custom SMTP gateway configured, you can use the same to send SMS from your miniOrange account. Check out our list of Supported SMTP gateways.


You can contact idpsupport@xecurify.com for adding your own gateway or if you need help with any SMTP Gateway integration.

Follow the guide to configure SMTP gateway in your account

1. Set Organization SMTP Gateway

  • Log in to the miniOrange dashboard.
  • Go to Customization tab and click on Custom Email Provider
  • Customization tab for Email Gateway

  • Select the Enable your Email Provider option.
  • Configure primary SMTP server

  • Enter the SMTP Server Configurations.
  • Parameter Description
    Hostname Hostname of the email SMTP gateway
    Port Number Enter the port number.
    Username Your account username
    Password Your account password.
    Sender Email Your Sender Email.(sender email address is what receivers see in the From field of your Email)
    Sender Name Your Sender Name (sender name is what receivers see as from name of your Email)
    Encryption Type Select an encryption type out of the 2 options (SSL and TLS) which is supported by your SMTP.

2. Test SMTP Gateway Configuration

  • Enter email address and Click on the Test Configuration Button to test the SMTP email configuration.
  • Test SMTP Server Configuration for Email Gateway

  • You can also enter a secondary email server information below.
  • After entering the required information, click on Save button to save the configurations.
  • Save SMTP Configuration